A summary of the sums

Today I was planning to WOW! you all with my stunning (and obligatory) Year End Review.  But, well, I decided to wait another day on that. I did, however, watch a lot of college football with the Puddinpop and partook of the traditional New Year’s Day saurkraut and pork dinner at Mom’s.  I also made a couple of minor modifications to the blog page.  Plus, laundry.  So, you know, it was a full day.

Yes, it is all pretty underwhelming.

I didn’t want to leave you with nothing, though, so I figured this is as good a time as any to report on the final Puddintopia word counts for the year.  Surprisingly, I ended up spitting out 156,475 total words in 2010, and the average post was 708 words in length.  Considering that I was hoping to hit 120k by the end of January this year, I guess I didn’t do so poorly. So, yay me!

I believe I definitely outdid that room full of monkeys with typewriters last year, even if I do say so myself.

Tonight will be the last time I bother mentioning this particular topic going forward.  Last year, this was all an exercise to prove that I could write some daily…stuff…if I set my mind to it.  The point has been proven, the goal attained.  Thus, no more of this counting business, since I can’t imagine most of you care.  I admitted yesterday that Puddintopia has become a blog proper.  Henceforth I will simply carry on, while setting bigger, different writing goals for myself.  And trust me, I’ve got plenty.

Maybe I’ll bore you with all that tomorrow.

Then again, I might spend tomorrow complaining about how I hate athletic shoe manufacturing.  You just never know.


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