A challenge made…

It would appear that I have been called upon the carpet. A reader has had the audacity to come into my little corner of the interwebs here and throw down the gauntlet of challenge.

Of course, that someone is actually my younger brother, who, incidentally, has been demonstrating quite the skill for needling me in irritating ways since we were both still barely old enough to  bicker with each other in identifiable language.  He was always the one putting his leg on my part of couch cushion, you know, just beyond the clearly defined demarcation line of personal space.  He was always the one that picked up my things and started playing with them, just to see how long I could stand it before blowing my cool or worse, whining to my parents about just wanting to be left alone.

Yes, indeed, he’s got quite the history of giving me grief.

As it turns out, we get along much better now that we’re both old enough to keep ourselves occupied with the daily details of our own lives.  In fact, we play together on the same mediocre beer league hockey team.  Our days of arguing over who was watching TV first are behind us; nowadays we rarely argue about anything except who’s the worse hockey player.  For the record, I’m pretty sure I am, but he’s not giving me the title without a fight.

That said, apparently, he’s still got a healthy streak of instigator in him.

In a recent post, Doomed, I tell you, I went on for a bit about how I rather dislike this time of year because football is over (for me) and baseball is still six weeks away.  At the end of said post, I suggested that because Snooki (yes, of Jersey Shore) recently released a book, it was a dark time for us all.

Having never actually seen the show, read the book, or met the young, um, lady, I suppose I could have maybe been a little more open minded.  I will concede that my statement was perhaps a tad judgemental.

Leave it to family, of course, to call you out whenever words are spoken in haste.

My younger brother, who, as I’ve said is ever the instigator, recently left the following comment on that post: “If you promise to read and post an actual critique of her book I will personally buy you a copy.”

Well, now, if that isn’t a challenge worthy of Puddintopia, I don’t know what is.  So, then, I am pleased to announce that I readily pick up said gauntlet, and look forward to receiving my own personal copy of “A Shore Thing,” by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.  I hereby promise to read the entire work, without delay or prejudice, and when finished, will post a completely honest, objective personal assessment of the book to the best of my ability.

Maybe afterward, I can get the thing autographed.

Are you as excited as I am?


One thought on “A challenge made…

  1. Sorry for you. What happens if challenges like that always abound? Sounds like a trap sprung by your devious brother to keep you in the midst of unlikely, distasteful research. Creepy.


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