Random Saturday stuff

Since my previous post about success, failure, and (possibly) sour grapes was maybe a tad little less light than usual, I figured today would probably be a good time to offer you a few random items for your Saturday reading amusement.

First off (because I just saw a commercial so this is on my mind right at this moment), let it me known that I don’t like dirtgirlworld. That huge head and the ginormous mouth with those eyes is just…well, it creeps me out. There, I said it. See for yourself:

Now, on to more pressing matters. The house feels strange this evening; the Puddinpop and Mini-Me are off at a birthday sleep-over at a neighborhood friend’s house. The house where they’re having the “stay-up-all-night-over” is roughly 100 feet away through the back yard, so it’s not like we shipped them off to Uzbekistan. Still, it’s weird to have half the kids not here.

I remember my first sleep-over at a friend’s house very well. The house was much bigger than ours and I got lost in it on at least two separate occasions. I also forgot to bring home my toothbrush. My mother was not pleased. Good times.

Next, I feel compelled to point out that I think this is cool*. Anyone who likes The Smiths, or, you know, music in general, should have some appreciation for the project. I can only vaguely imagine the amount of work involved. Oh, and for the record, if you like neither, well, you just failed one of my criteria for evaluating whether or not you’ve been the victim of a Body Snatching.

Finally, I woke up grumpy yesterday. Actually, I’m pretty sure my entire household woke up grumpy yesterday. The Puddinette was being sour on me about something inconsequential before I even got into the shower.  Luckily, I made no verbal reply. Before a shower, I am capable of nothing more complicated than a series of moderately expressive grunts. I also don’t comprehend English well, so whatever she was ticked about was lost on me. I hope it wasn’t important.

Anyway, after my shower (and the timely return of my language skills), I managed to get the kids out of the house and down to the bus stop just after the bus went past. Guess who was slightly late to to the office due to an unscheduled trip to school?

After drop-off, I was heading to work when I realized that it was Friday, and that grumpiness is an unacceptable condition in which to begin that particular day of the week. But why all the grumpiness, anyway? Well, remember when I said I was going to start keeping a more reasonable bedtime so I’d be able to get up early and do some writing in the morning? Yeah, um, I did really,
really well with that the first week of the year. This previous week, though, may have seen a little backsliding. In fact, I crawled into bed a couple of times last week at 2 AM. Uh…oops.

Interestingly, in only two weeks of Project: Bedtime for Bozo, I think I’ve mostly proven my point. The first week, when I followed the new sleep schedule carefully, I accomplished a good deal more and never once experienced an afternoon need for naptime. Last week, though, when I allowed the Old Ways to claw their way back in, there were several occasions when I looked like a bobble right about 3 PM.

Also, late-to-bed-early-rise results in the morning grumps. So, next week, back on the wagon.

At any rate, thankfully, God gave Man the ability to productively process and use coffee beans, so I stopped and picked up a trough of iced espresso and a chocolate chip cookie.

Ten minutes later, I was smiling to myself in my car on the way to work.

So, in conclusion, I will forever maintain there is no case of grumpiness that a good chocolate cookie can’t overwhelm.