Changes and stuff

Unless your browser cache is lying to you about what things look like around here, you should be saying, “Whoa, changes!” right about now.  In other words, I started playing with the blog theme.

I think I kind of like this one.  The individual floating boxes seem cool, right?   The mast-head banner definitely needs some work, though.  I don’t know what you call those swirly patterns in the grey, but they have to go.   Puddintopia is many things, but fancy swirlies are simply out of place.

I appreciate comments/suggestions.  Especially if you happen to be aesthetically inclined!


One thought on “Changes and stuff

  1. What floating boxes and swirly patterns?????????? I don’t see them, so either I am loopy tired cause I have been up all nite catching up with Puddintopia, or our computer is so ancient that it won’t pick them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s probably some of both!!!!!!!!!!:-)


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