Happy Late Anniversary!

I was planning to take the night off from my typical ramblings, but I remembered something this evening that I decided couldn’t be ignored for even one more day. Namely, that I missed my anniversary. Well, actually, I should say that I missed our anniversary, but it’s alright. I did it with good reason.

You can all relax; I’m not talking about my wedding anniversary. That was in October, and was marked by one of my favorite, albeit somewhat sappy posts. And trust me, had I overlooked that event, odds are good the Puddinette wouldn’t have left me any fingers with which to type. No, instead, I’m talking about the first anniversary of Puddintopia. At least, the first anniversary of me deciding to put some effort into it.

The night I actually wrote that first post was January 29th, 2010. It didn’t publish until after midnight, or at least whenever my server thought it midnight, which could have been anywhere from 9:15 pm to 2 am. Either way, that particular post claims the 30th as its publication date. Leave it me complicate something as relatively simple as time-stamping.

At any rate, I was planning to do the anniversary bit up proper with a “Hooray and Three Cheers” kind of post on Saturday, but I got all caught up in the pizza business, and well, that grew a life of its own. In my mind, things definitely worked out better this way, regardless. Writing the question of the famous pizza, followed by the fun of its near-immediate delivery and subsequent sampling, was infinitely more entertaining than if I’d spun a thousand words patting myself on the back by reviewing the last year in posts.

If I learned anything over the past year, it’s that in bloggery (it is too a word…maybe), you take what you’re given each day and run with it. Honestly, when I first concocted this scheme, I feared for not having something useful and/or entertaining to say on a mostly daily basis. I was petrified the exercise would quickly devolve into little more than an itemized recounting of my day. “Dear Diary, today I woke up and couldn’t find a pair of socks that matched in the dark, so I just grabbed two. I got to work with a brown one with holey toes and an argyle one with a gaping heel large enough that Andre the Giant could have passed through easily. Then I spilled Cocoa Puff milk on my shirt. FML.”

Luckily, life is apparently at least somewhat more interesting than that.

So, anyway, shortly I will be raising a glass containing a beverage worthy of celebration and toasting the last 12 months, and the nearly 170,000 words about nothing that filled them.

I hope you will toast with me, because I could not have possibly done this without all of you.


2 thoughts on “Happy Late Anniversary!

  1. What a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished an all day and nite reading of Puddintopia from 7/4/10 to 1/31/11, just in time to help you celebrate Anniversary One! I have lots of questions and observations (wordy person that I am) but I will leave them for a phone chat, tho, one thing, I am disappointed that I didn’t get to add a “Ten Word story Word.” I only saw one of them right after the challenge and so when you mentioned having them all I was confused. Did they only come from FB and so that’s the reason I missed them??????????? I know I didn’t fall asleep in mid-read as I don’t do that anymore – since the hospital and all. We can discuss and you can enlighten me. (That’s my $1 word phrase for the day — it used to be 50 cents, but this is the 21st century, you know.)


  2. Good stuff here, Pud’n!.. At the very least, you’ve distracted me from work for a good 30 minutes now. I’ve been thinking about starting up a blog, just haven’t had the energy or passion to keep up with it just yet. I had a brief spurt with writing for an internet website called Cracked.com a few summers ago, so maybe it’s time to jump back on that wagon. Keep up the good work!


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