The limerick, explained

I feel I need to say a few words about Wednesday’s limerick. The basic idea I was attempting to convey in poorly matched rhymes and a depressing lack of bawdiness is that I’m having trouble, still, finding enough time to work on my novel project. In an effort to address that problem, I started the year with Operation: Early Riser, which worked well. For a week. And then not well for a week. The week after that, it was gangbusters, but since then it’s been nothing but a steady diet of snooze-bar smacking and failure. So, while I readily admit that getting to bed before 2:30 am has certainly had a positive effect on my afternoons, I’m not getting much more written.

This must be rectified.

What’s really had me scratching my head is that I seemed to get a lot more work done on the thing at this time last year. It’s not as if I was rocking the diet pills in early 2010 like Alex P. Keaton in that very special episode of Family Ties. Clearly I’m much too soft in the middle for anything of that sort. I realized yesterday, though, that a year ago, I was posting every new section of the novel as they were written. So, I was either writing a post or putting newly drafted fiction. I wasn’t trying to do both at the same time.

What I’ve decided, then, is that for a while, I’m going alternate days. One day, I’ll happily give you a post about my love for Chinese-style broccoli, but the next things will seem eerily quiet around here while I spit out some work on the book. Rest assured, though, that even on most days when I don’t give you a proper post about something likely to make you wonder about my psychiatric bills, I will still try to post something interesting.

I’m not sure what the collection of “quick” content will end up consisting of, but you can be certain there will be more limericks and perhaps even a return to haiku. Surprisingly, I’ve found that haiku are actually easier for me to produce than limericks. It turns out that making rhymes that are fun is much harder than it looks. As for other content, well, I guess we’ll see. It’s somewhat customary out in the bloggery wilds of the cybernets to post pictures of kitties, kiddies, or other such nonsense with regularity. Unfortunately, we don’t really have a cat, and as the Puddinette is allergic to them, won’t be getting one for me to take cute pictures of anytime soon. And while a dog isn’t out of the realm of possibility, we’ve been down that road and aren’t prepared to coexist with a two-year old and a pooch. I guess we do have the fish and the frogs, but I’m not sure how much entertainment value I can leverage from them. I kind of figured they’d already pretty much jumped the shark as a topic.

I could post plenty of entertaining pictures of the kids, for sure. But then, as I’ve said, I’ve got the world’s most basic camera and the least impressive set of Photoshop skills of any human alive. Seriously, when I take a picture, my lack of understanding of basic photographic principles alone typically means that my subject will end up looking like a vampire on a field of snow. Then, after I apply a few, um, filters (?) and some, er, layers (?), well, this usually results:

I know; mad skillz, right?

So I don’t know what you’ll end up with on the days I’m doing novel writing, but I promise you I won’t leave you hanging. And decades from now, when my book is finally published and delivered directly to your brain via electrode because only old crotchety coots like me still remember books, you’ll know that all the sacrifice was totally worth it.

Let’s just hope my stick figures improve.


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  1. you get your picture taking skills from your mother! I remember the pic of took of Kara in her christening gown. It was a lovly Polly Flinders gown, but in the picture she had no head! At least I do color – that lack of creative skill you DID NOT get from me. lol


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