Poems, Pets, and Parties

As was made quite apparent by the silly red-and-white-striped paper top hat my daughter brought home from school, today is Dr. Seuss Day! Err, well, maybe it’s not actually Dr. Seuss day, but only because our elected public servants are all too busy bickering about who keeps adding the (increasingly expensive) gasoline to the already burning house to do anything productive and sensible like making Dr. Seuss Day an official holiday. Still, though, March 2nd is Theodor Seuss Geisel’s birthday, and I’m quite partial enough to Dr Seuss’s body of work to consider it a holiday around here.

So then, in honor of Dr. Seuss day, I give you a short poem:

Here at Puddintopia, this space on web,
We thank Dr Seuss, for stories before bed.
He told us about Oeblecks and Hortons and Whos,
And Yertle, that Cat, and even Thing number 2s.
He gave us the Grinch, and much more, don’t you see,
So much that we’re glad, just as glad as could be!

That actually turned out much better than my first attempt, which started like this:

Bill fish, John Fish,
Big fish, gone Fish.
Some are here and some are there
But one’s not in our tank, anywhere!

Now, you might ask why on this little blue marble we call Earth I would ever consider writing a stanza like that, but then you wouldn’t know me very well. Because if you knew me and my luck with stuff, you’d know that what I was getting at is that we seem to have a fish runaway situation. Yes, indeed, we’ve apparently had an aquarium break. I looked in our tank last night, expecting to find all four of our happy critters swimming contentedly, but could only find three. The newest inmate, Dinosaur, was nowhere to be found.

I would certainly love to explain how we had a tropical fish disappear into thin air, but I have to admit I’m at a bit of a loss about the whole thing. Last week, there he was, going about his fishy business. Now, though, he’s as gone as that last piece of moose esophagus from Andrew Zimmern‘s plate.

I briefly considered about putting missing fish posters up all over the neighborhood.

But then I realized that was probably just asking for trouble from a bunch of crazies with false information. I mean, people will do anything for a reward these days. Oh well, maybe he’ll come back on his own.

Anyway, let’s turn to happier news: I (finally) have details for the 2011 Puddintopia Spring Forward Celebration! Next Saturday (March 12th), I’ll be celebrating the coming of spring with maybe a beer or two and some friendly people at Bagpipes Irish Pub in downtown Cincinnati from 8 PM until either the Puddinette has had enough of my shenanigans or they close the place, whichever comes first. The manager is looking forward to having us, and has even promised to separate checks without complaint. So, if you’d like to raise a pint or two of good riddance to Old Man Winter, by all means, join us!

I suppose I probably should get a general head count, though. So, if you think you might happen by, leave me a comment, send me an email, @ me on Twitter, or drop a comment on facebook. I hope to hear from you, as much as, or even more than, I hope Dinosaur comes home!

Fly fish fly, without saying ‘Goodbye’,
We all really hope you haven’t gotten too dry!


3 thoughts on “Poems, Pets, and Parties

  1. No doubt, Connor has made the fish disappear. He’s magical like that 🙂
    Perhaps light interogation would work. Waterboarding not so much.

    Do I need a passport and visa for Cincy? – perhaps not. I sneak into town for a quick trip to the Aronoff on occasion. So far, so good. Besides, I just remembered I was born there. Does that make me a citizen?


  2. As for the magical doctor, I had students at Gateway last night with his sweatshirts on. Didn’t know there were such things 🙂 So, I’ll just end with Red Fish, Blue Fish in memory of the dearly departed dinosaur!


  3. No one understands quite about your (our) love of Dr. Seuss! It didn’t take long to teach our children about the value of books! (your A. Peggy says my nickname should be “Bookworm”) Ya think???? Am so sorry about Dinosaur! Do you think he and Connor had a falling out? After all, he is The Attitude! Am getting accustomed to your black and white drawings – notice that I was specific about not mentioning color drawings, that would entail, gasp!, perhaps staying IN THE LINES — which we know is not Puddin’s forte!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!!!!!!!


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