Things that need mentioning

I really should have known better, I suppose. Instead of showing some restraint, though, I went ahead and tempted fate by calling for a celebration of the end of winter. Well, as a result, the surly, vengeful gods of weather decided to teach me to mind my manners and remember my place. So, yeah, you can go ahead and blame the snow that is falling from the sky AS WE SPEAK on me.

Now, I would certainly like to tell you I learned my lesson. Odds are, though, that I didn’t. I can dig my heels into the sand every bit as well as a two-year old that’s bound and determined to watch a few more episodes from that Thomas the Tank Engine DVD even though the clock clearly shows it’s parole…err…nap time. So, yeah, there’s a pretty good chance that this time next year I’ll be once again be taunting Old Man Winter with a get together specifically intended to revel in showing him the door.

Hopefully next year we’ll avoid…um…retribution.

Speaking of which, I expect that the little dusting of snow Cincinnati got today has raised the ire and strengthened the resolve of spring-loving folks everywhere. Are you as tired of the cold, white nonsense as the rest of us? Well, then, I hope to see you Saturday night at the Puddintopia Spring Forward Celebration at BagPipes Irish Pub in downtown Cincinnati. We may not be able to actually affect the weather, but at least we can raise a few toasts to spring. So come out and join us for a beverage or two, and we’ll spit in Jack Frost’s eye together.

On a completely unrelated topic, it seems that with all the running around like a nut earlier this week, I neglected to mention that I’d written a new Hoperatives piece. For most people, spring is a time of growth and renewal. For me, though, as with most everything else, it’s a time to contemplate beer. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the spring seasonal styles. Even the highly celebrated bock is only welcome in my fridge for a week or so. However, an acquaintance of mine just brewed his first batch of homebrew, which got me thinking nostalgically about my own adventures in making beer at home.

I think it’s time to get back on the horse.

If you’re curious what that means, check out my latest post for Hoperatives, which includes a brief review of my own home-brewing history and a call to arms for anyone with a fermenter and an appreciation for malted barley.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fruitlessly shake my fist at the sky.