Beer, research, and the End of the World

Remember that Hoperatives post I said I was going to write a few days ago?  Been wondering whatever happened to it?  Well, guess what? Today is your lucky day.  It’s finished and posted for all the world to see.

This one took me a little bit longer to produce than my usual uncontrolled ramblings because for once, it’s not just me committing a written stream-of-conscious to electronic paper.  Nope, in this case, I offer a little advice on how to carefully coax one’s light beer-loving friends over to beer that doesn’t taste like stagnant swampland.  Inadvertently helping me demonstrate my point is Enquirer columnist and popular blogger, Paul Daugherty

Yes, that’s right, I wrote a post that includes references and everything.  Is the world ending?  Perhaps.  Better read this now, then, just in case.


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