Hey, look! Stuff on my sidebar!

As I mentioned, I was planning to ramble about assorted nonsense in Tuesday’s post, but somehow I got caught up in the raucous tale of late May heat and our thrilling pool-side adventures.  Actually, put that way, it sounds much cooler.  Mental note: pitch as a concept for a buddy cop sitcom for next fall.  I can see the ads now: Spring & Fahrenheit, a pair of renegade cops busting crime and romancing the honeys on their sweltering days off at the pool. 

Coming next September to the CW.

Oh, sure, go ahead, laugh.  But could it possibly be worse than Jersey Shore?  Or anything offered by TLC?  I mean, Extreme Couponing, really?

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  So, you might have noticed that the number of words/percent complete for Famine (look the right of this sentence) has been going up with some regularity lately.  You haven’t?  Well, look!  I started my not-so-little-anymore novel project completely by accident last year and there have been some fits and starts.  Sure, progress has been mostly continuous, every few months, since February 2010, but overall, still very, very slow.

Too slow, if you ask me.

I’ve know I’ve said this before, but the biggest problem I’ve had writing a novel is finding time to work on that while writing posts for Puddintopia or Hoperatives, working at my day job, keeping the Puddinette relatively convinced I still like her, and oh, yeah, you know, not ignoring my children (not necessarily in that order).  I decided to try getting up early to work on it, but as it turns out, I become a great morning person roughly about noon.  In other words, I Just. Can’t. Make. The. AM. Words.  Every morning, I’d realize it was time to get ready for school bus duty and the morning commute just as I finally got my brain working well enough to string together words that made cohesive sense in a language recognized by English-speaking humans.

For a while, I was encouraged at the thought that maybe I’d written some of it in Parseltongue, but J. K. Rowling won’t take my calls anymore.

At any rate, while that didn’t work, my desire to finish the draft was still plenty strong.  So I finally decided to bite the bullet and give myself some tough love.  For the last month or so, then, I’ve been operating under a strict 500 words-a-day quota, every day but Friday.  Nothing else gets written until that does, so if I’ve missed posts recently, you know why.

Damn if it hasn’t worked though. I’m beginning to think I might yet actually live to revise the thing.

Oh, and when that first draft meter hits 100%?  I’m going out for a drink.  Who’s with me?

But wait!  That’s not all!  In sidebar related news, you may also have noticed that Puddintopia.com on Facebook is dangerously close to 100 “Likes” at the moment.  You probably aren’t all aware of this, but way back when the Earth was new and I was a young blogger (about 18 months ago, to be precise), I made a promise at Grammy Puddin’s suggestion that if/when that counter ever reached 100, I would start using full-facial pictures for my Facebook profile.  Typically I’ll use my fancy “Pt” icon out in the great wide interwebs, and on Facebook, personally, I’ve never used my entire face in a profile picture.  More often than not it’s the lower half of my face.

You know, trying to be all dark and mysterious.  The ladies dig it, I’m told.

Haven’t seen much evidence of that, though.

Long story short…the promise still stands.  Whenever that number gets over 100, I’ll start using my entire actual face for my Facebook profile picture.  Oh, and did you notice that I’ve added icons at the beginning of each post here to identify the author?  Well, I’ll use the same picture of for that too when the time comes, I guess.

So, the key point here is to offer you a warning: we’re pretty close to the magical number. With that in mind, now may be the perfect time to “Unlike” Puddintopia.com on Facebook.  Because nobody really wants to see my ugly mug, right?


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  1. Watch ypouself Pud’n, I gave birth to that mug, and may I just remind you that even tho you have Pa Puddin’s coloring,you look more like me!!!!! Lol


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