On changing seasons and starting holy wars

So, according to the calendar posted in the office for tracking our conference room use, it’s officially summer now.  For the record, I’m glad that particular calendar is hanging there, because although I have little use for the conference room itself, I’m always glad to know things like “it’s the first day of summer”, “crap, Mother’s Day is Sunday”, or “sweet, it’s finally Victoria Day (Canada)!”

Of course, with the arrival of summer is heralded in by the summer solstice.  Personally, I love all the solstice/equinox type astronomical events here on planet Earth.  You know, because that’s when all the best pagan stuff happens, and those Pagans sure know how to throw a party.

The solstice, if you weren’t aware, is the longest “day” of the year.  My oldest son, future member of a Bar Association somewhere, will gleefully argue that there is no longest day; each is but 24 hours.  Nonetheless, he fully planned to take advantage of the extra light that should have been available yesterday.  Sunset wasn’t until supposed to happen until after 9 PM.

I say “should have” there because, well, apparently spring isn’t quite done with us just yet.  Normally one of my two favorite seasons, spring this year was, well, a bit of a wench.  If memory serves, in the past three months it’s rained, rained more, stormed a bunch, ruined half of my kids’ baseball games, and made us all remember that those weather alert sirens aren’t just for testing on the first Wednesday of each month.

So, yesterday, I was happy for the prospect of a long evening of watching the sun set slowly with a cold, summery beverage in hand.  Instead, spring decided to remind us one more time just exactly who the boss is around here. It’s like Spring of 2011 was the cougar women in the Lifetime movie that just found out about the new smokin’ hot young lady in her boy-toy’s life.  And everybody knows that those crazed, possessive cougars don’t give up easy.  In other words, don’t be thinking we’re going to run off with Summer without getting another earful or two from Spring.

In non-seasonal news, official word was released on Monday that Yuengling, the cult of choice for many an eastern US beer drinker, will be available in Ohio later this year.  You might guess that I have an opinion on that, what with it being big beer news around here and all.  And you would be correct.  In the post I wrote for Hoperatives.com today, I talk all about Yuengling, and it’s not all rainbows and party hats.  I half expect to start a holy war.

I can’t wait to read the comments!