Hey, look, we’re back

A thousand apologies for the lack of postage since Thursday.  The Puddinette and I packed up the kids and the ole Family Truckster and hit the road for a brief four-day vacation.  Much fun was had by all; the Attitude got to ride a real train, the Puddinpop and Mini-Me got to ride real full-size rollercoasters for the first time, and Princess Puddin got to sleep on a real top bunk for once.

And now we’re really glad to be back.

Where’d we go?

Well, if you must know, Indiana.  The French Lick/West Baden area, to be precise.  Don’t believe me?  As evidence, I offer this digital image of yours truly contemplating the waters of Patoka Lake:


Your Hitchcock jokes are, of course, expected and welcome.

Anticipating a full summary post tomorrow of vacation-y activities and observations would not be unreasonable. But now, I need to sacrifice several chickens and perhaps an emu to the gods of writing.  They are certain to be angry as I chose to treat our trip as an real vacation, meaning no writing has been accomplished since our departure.

Let’s hope they’re not as meddling and spiteful as their Greek counterparts.


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  1. Even tho we probably have the right profile SOMEWHERE in the family, yours does not conjure up Hitchcock!!! 🙂


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