Weekend plans: the stick and the carrots

The weekend is nearly upon us…and there was much rejoicing.  While we’re not expecting to eat sir Robin’s minstrels or planning anything otherwise ridiculous, I am looking forward to the next few days.  Obviously, there’s the stanadard assortment of weekend home care and maintenance items to do which I’d just as soon do without, but that’s probably not in the cards.  Let’s face it, the honey-do project list is bigger than all of us—and keeps us out of excess trouble.

One List to task them all
One List to find them
One List to work them all
and in their labors mind them

Oh, btw, apropos of nothing, here in the Cincinnati area at least we’re not staring down the barrel of Carmageddon.  So that’s always a plus. 

In other news, Major League Baseball gets back to work in town tonight.  For the Reds, the time has come to buckle down if they plan on repeating as Central champs.  They’ve lost a lot of close games so far this season that they found a way to win last year, often with a new hero every night.  They need to dig deep and remember how to make that happen over the next few months.

If you ask me, there’s no better way to get that started than by taking three from The Archenemy Cardinals this weekend at Great American.

Admittedly, I have entirely personal reasons to want to see the local club light up the scoreboard in the next few days.  The day finally has come for the Puddinpop to see his first game, live and in-person, from the old ballpark.  He and I will be attending one of the games this weekend, and he’s beside himself with anticipation.  I just hope he gets to see a winner; he takes this business seriously.  And while my money says he remembers the day pretty well win or lose, nothing keeps a memory shiny over the years like a big win. Either way, we’ll be sure to indulge in hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks while hoping a foul ball flies our way

As far as the weekend goes, guess what—That’s Not All!  If I get my aforementioned chores done, there’s probably a movie theater visit in there someplace too.  It turns out that Mini-Me is pretty much exactly like his father was at his age (surprising, huh?) and has little or no interest in baseball.  He does, however, also just like me, have lots of imagination and plenty of interest in movies.  So instead of a day at the ballpark, he gets some quality time at the show.

He’s having some trouble deciding what movie to see.  I have little doubt he’ll pick one we’ll both enjoy.

So, yes, I have some work to do here in next day or so.  It has, after all been some time since I tackled my list.  But after successfully checking a few things off, I’ll be rewarded with quality one-on-one time with each of my two oldest sons.

I can hardly think of a better weekend plan to look forward to.


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