Earworm of the Day, 7/25/2011: Rehab

I have to admit that I’m not what anyone might consider an Amy Winehouse fan.  Truth be told, I doubt I’ve ever heard any song she made besides “Rehab”.  Part of that, I assume, is that the song, for me, is an incredible earworm.  Anything that tortures me so usually doesn’t end up on a frequently repeated playlist.  Once I’ve heard it, I can’t help but spend the rest of the day muttering, “No, no, no.”

Nonetheless, that’s exactly where I find myself today.  After all the news this weekend, I imagine that’s to be expected.

Fan or not, shocking or not, I was sadden to hear the news of her death Saturday afternoon as I went about the usual errands with the family.  Not everyone may have enjoyed her work, but I hope we can all agree that a life ended at 27 ended much to soon.

Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse, and may your demons now be truly conquered.


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