Hear me now, listen to me later, think about it sometime in the future

If you live in or near Cincinnati, OH and there was ever going to be a moment in your life where you drop everything and do exactly as I command, this is that moment!  You need to GO OUTSIDE right now.  I don’t care what you have to do in order to accomplish that, whether it requires subduing your boss with a CAT-5 cable or your PC’s power cord or pistol-whipping door security with his/her own taser*.

I mean, just look at that sky:


Yes, cloudless.  Also, the sun doesn’t look bad either:


Oh, and did I mention the temperature?


So, the long and short of it that the weather today is absolutely, mind-numbingly perfect.  And the fact of the matter is that perfect weather days in Cincinnati are very much equivalent to Princess Buttercup’s perfect, um, endowments: there’s a shortage of both in the world. 

We may not see a day like this again until next April.  So, don’t be a fool.  Take five minutes and go enjoy some temperate sunshine.

Well, unless you’re a vampire, I guess.  But then you’ve got bigger problems.


*Really, you probably should do any of those things.  But do try to get outside, though.