I can haz Android, maybe?

I was going to write a big, long post for the evening crowd tonight, I swear.  But I got a new toy from work today, and that’s pretty much consuming all of my higher brain function at the moment.


What did I get?  A snazzy new Motorola Titanium phone.   It’s Android-based, so of course I’ve spent the last few hours sliding my fingers across the screen to make it dance just because I could.  Oh, and guess what else?  Pictures, people, pictures.

Sure, I probably could have spared you the random black-and-white image of The Attitude’s front loader and my socked feet, but when you’ve been blind—or in my case, living with the Phones of the Ages Past for 5 years—you get a little carried away.



In this case, that means sepia-toned feet.  Yes, I’m sorry.  I guess take whatever consolation you can from the fact it wasn’t one of those bathroom mirror self-portraits.  No one needs to think of me and bathrooms together.

Anyway, I’m giddy at the moment like a 10 year-old at Christmas with a brand new G.I. Joe with the fancy, new Super Kung-Fu Grip.  Of course, the Puddinette’s giving me the stink eye about it because she believes I now have a fancier communications device than she does, and that’s a recipe for marital discord if ever there was one.  If I end up keeping this little guy, my money says I’ll have to start shopping for upgrades for her. 

It’s not a done deal, yet, though.  The Android’s only a test device, and in three weeks I might have to give it back.  I’m prepared to make the puppy-dog eyes and promise to eat my broccoli to keep that from happening.  I guess we’ll see.

At any rate, woot(!) for new toys, even if they are temporary. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an evening date with Angry Birds*.  Don’t wait up.


*Actually, I have novel words to write.  Some things are more important than play time.