Pud’n is a Very Trusting Man.

[Puddin’s note: Today’s Guest Blogger, Julie, the mastermind behind Wine Me, Dine Me (in Cincinnati), is a rock star of the Cincinnati blog scene (that’s a thing, right?).  So, obviously, I was shocked to giddiness when she asked me to guest post for her blog last month.  Especially when you consider that based on our respective website traffic, the details of whatever she’s eating seem to be a lot more entertaining than the minutiae of life at la casa de Puddin’.  With that in mind, her post for us today, about the pros and cons of blogging on topic versus my usual hair-brained word vomit couldn’t have been better timed, since her delicious-looking tweets from a food tour of Columbus yesterday got me to thinking about making Puddintopia to a full-time foodie blog.  I was thinking I’d call it Puddintastiness. What do you think? Oh, relax, I’m kidding. Anyway, I’m very excited to have her here in my absence.  Please enjoy.  Oh, and if you like food–duh, who doesn’t?–make sure you check out her blog too!]

So, since I asked Pud’n to write for me while I was at my sales meeting, it’s only fair that I reciprocate.

Before I do that, let me introduce myself.  I’m Julie Niesen Gosdin, writer of a blog called wine me, dine me.  You may have heard of it. I write about food, dining, restaurants, cocktails and urban food stuff in Cincinnati.  It’s a fun gig. I’ve been doing it for about four years now.  My blog would be heading to preschool if it were a child.

Scary.  Writing about one thing for four years– food– is kind of limiting.  When I asked Pud’n what he wanted me to write, he said: “Whatever.  Maybe something about our differences. I don’t know.”

You see, Puddin’ and I are on pretty different paths.  He’s the dad of four kids in the wilds of suburban Northern Kentucky (which, if you read his guest post, you’ll discover aren’t quite as uncivilized as some might make them out to be).  I’m a DINK in the wilds of Over-the-Rhine (which, if you go there sometime, you’ll discover isn’t nearly as wild as it seems).  I write a pretty focused blog, and he writes one where he can– and does– write about whatever he wants.

Writing a focused blog is a particular mindset.  I am pretty much always looking for a new food, a new restaurant, a new angle on the food scene, a new scoop.  Just ask my husband how often I say things like, “Ooh!  I need to write about that!” while pointing to, say, a restaurant we’re driving by or while at the liquor store.

Pud’n, on the other hand, can focus on anything he likes.  That’s why we know as much about his washing machine as we do his novel, and that’s probably why his blog is so interesting: we know him and Puddinette as pretty three-dimensional people.

Me? I’m a one trick pony.  Food, food, cocktail, food food food.  It’s so rare that I can write other things that I’m interested in.  Did you know I have other interests besides eating?  For example:

  • I am a tech nerd. A gadget whore. Whatever you’d like to call me– I’m it.  I love where technology can take us.  I devour eBooks. I’m never without my iPhone.  I love trends in tech. So, I’m a geek.
  • I cook. Really.  I guess you get that on the blog a bit, but I actually eat at home fairly often.  You have to cook to write about food, right?  Oh. That’s about eating. Never mind…
  • I knit. Yeah, really.  My first blog was about knitting (it was not, shall we say, a success). And it’s almost “wear knitted things” season.  I’m very excited.
  • I talk to my cats as if they are people.  This plus the knitting dooms me to a future of crazy cat ladydom.
  • I have a day job.  You think I travel all of the time for the blog (I say this as I’m sitting in a hotel room… traveling for the blog…), but in general, I’m traveling for actual work (which funds the blog).  I’m in marketing for technology in education.  I really, really love where technology can take education.
  • I love theater.  I don’t have time to do much of it because of aforementioned day job, and I miss being on stage.
  • I love “literature”, but my secret passion is crappy vampire novels, like Sookie Stackhouse.
See? This is all of the stuff you miss because I only write about food.  I’m three dimensional!  I do stuff other than eat!  I spend a lot of time emphasizing that, whereas lucky Pud’n here writes about whatever he wants.
And writing with no topic is hard.  It took me two days to write this post, and I’m late.
Better stick with writing what I know…

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