My Summer Vacation

September appears to be cruising right along, largely without either consent or notice.  It seems like Labor Day was just yesterday and now the first of October is looming large.  That’s okay, though, because, as we all know, October rocks.

Shut up, it does too.  It’s the best month.

Even better, Friday is the first day of fall.  And as we all know, fall kicks ass.  It’s the best season.

Shut up, it is too.

Before we say goodbye to summer completely though, I figured I should give a full report of my summer vacation.  And that’s exactly what I did at Hoperatives today.  You should go read that while I go go buy some tasty seasonal fall beers.


One thought on “My Summer Vacation

  1. FALL IS THE BEST SEASON, but can’t wait to read about your summer! (I don’t think I had a summer; where did it go?


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