A thank you to Mr. Jobs and a vexing question

As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, the world lost the shiny gleam of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs yesterday.  There’s obviously no shortage of coverage on the subject across the internets, including recaps of his successes and failures, remembrances of his life, and speculation of the future of Apple.  I’m a little torn, myself; I’m incredibly saddened by the loss, and that tends to make me want to write.  But I think in this case, less is probably more.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs, for helping us harness technology to match us, instead of making users adapt to technology.  Without the Apple IIe you and Woz put together, I wouldn’t be a computer scientist today.  Without the iPad, Moms everywhere would only check their email once a week when they thought to sit down at the computer in the back room.

Thank you for a vision that gave us products that helped us be ourselves.

Thank you for everything. You touched the world, made it a better place. Rest in peace.

In happier news, friend and fellow Hoperatives contributor, John, wrote last week about the difficulty in being a craft beer lover and being asked, “What’s your favorite beer?”  It’s something I’ve actually been thinking about for a while now, but still can’t answer.  So I take the debate one step further in a post I wrote for Hoperatives.com today.


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  1. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of one mom in particular?? I totally agree! I didn’t want it, but I am addicted!!!


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