A busy day keeps the Hulk rage away.

Thursday was kind of a busy day.  I spent the better portion of the workday visiting one of our better customers. What makes them “better”?  I’m not entirely sure, to be honest, but I’m allowed to go visit them by myself without a chaperone, so they must be trustworthy and not given to easy frights.  Also, they keep asking for more stuff from me, and I keep getting the nod to do the stuff for them, so they must pay their bills.

In this day and age, I guess that’s all it takes.

At the moment, I’m hanging out in an elementary school gymnasium, watching the Puddinpop practice basketball. He’s got his first game on Saturday.  I’m looking forward to the spectacle of ten 3rd graders putting every ounce of enthusiasm they can muster (and probably a good deal more) into a little time on the hardwood.

Of course, they double-dribble at will and the idea of a pivot foot is a bit vague for them.  Oh, and no distance is too far for a shot at the basket.  I feel for the poor balls.

After I finish writing here, I’m hoping to squeeze in some time editing my book before practice ends.  I’m nearly done with the first pass, only 7 short chapters to go.  When that set of revisions is complete, I’ve got a handful of things to add here and there.  And then, I’m going for one more read-through, probably out loud to myself, from a printed draft I can highlight.

After that, it might be ready for someone else’s eyes. Maybe.

Later tonight, after practice and bathtime, I’ve got a hockey game.  No rest for the wicked, right?  That’s okay, though, its absolutely worth it.  I like playing hockey almost as much as I like beer.


All things considered, though, I’m glad I’ve had a crazy busy day.  Because I haven’t had time to think. Today, I don’t want time to think.  If I had time to think, I’d end up thinking about IT.

If you don’t know what IT I’m referring to, consider yourself lucky.  Don’t ask me any questions.  Quit now while you’re ahead and try to spend your leisure time over the next week or two reading a book.  Avoid the news.

It will likely only enrage you.

It’s got my fury stoked up pretty good, I don’t mind sayin’.

I considered writing a post about it, but one of the many things my Mom, in all her wisdom, drilled into me as a young puddin was that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Plus, I try to keep posts generally positive. I have nothing positive to say about IT.

Luckily, one of my favorite human writers, author and blog purveyor John Scalzi, said pretty much everything I would say about the subject already.  And he probably did a better job of it anyway.

I do humor okay, I guess.  For something like this, though, words fail me.  And then the indignant rage comes out, very much like, “HULK SMASH!”

I’d rather save my Hulkisms for comedic effect.

So instead I’ll just stay busy.

And pray there’s some kind of justice in the world.  Because  today, I don’t see how you find it.