Proof positive

Friday evening, after assigning my printer the unenviable task of printing out the entirety of my manuscript, I tweeted and posted this comment to facebook:

Turns out a 414 page manuscript is a hefty stack of paper when you print it out, even double-sided. In other news: my printer hates me

That earned me some very positive, supportive replies, which leads me to believe that there might actually be people out there who want to see this thing go well for me other than the poor woman who birthed me and the more pitiable one who married me. Now, I don’t know about you, but I certainly thought it was nice to see some affirmation that there are genuinely good people in the world still.

How I managed upon them I’ll never know, but that’s a mystery for another.

At any rate, it’s well known that the first rule of the internet is "picture or it didn’t happen".  Well, actually I guess the real first rule is "always clear your browser cache before your wife comes snooping around your web history".

No, wait, I suppose "don’t get into a flamewar with trolls unless you’re really, really sure you’re right and that jack-bait needs to shut the hell up" might actually come first.

Huh.  I guess there are a lot of important internet rules.

Anyway, in the spirit of "pics or it didn’t happen," I proudly give you evidence of my printed manuscript ("Flyboy Fred" Lego pilot included for scale):


"Look at how big that is!"



"I can climb this thing!"








"Someday I want to be that tall!"

So, internet, there you go.  Proof positive that someone’s still dumb enough to print out 414 pages of words, double-sided, just to put into a binder.

And yes, that person is me.


One thought on “Proof positive

  1. If it were sold by the pound, you would be in great shape. I feel your pain on the editing. I read research papers that would literally make you squirm 🙂 Being great unfortunately isn’t easy. The sad part is when it’s done, it flows and appears effortless.


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