The shoe, revisited

Remember a few weeks ago, that post about the weddings and the photo booth and my shoe?  Yeah, this one.

Well, the bride and groom recently returned from their warm, adventurous honeymoon.  And while those of us not traveling the world have been burning with the envy of a thousand suns because they went someplace fun while we’ve been here dealing with the bi-polar Ohio Valley Weather of Doom, we’re glad they’ve returned safe and sound and hope they had a good trip.

What’s more, to offer further evidence that the ancillary family is full of the good crazy, my cousin, the bride in question, sent me a tweet last night including a link to the the photo booth picture itself.  Because obviously, if I wrote a post about it, then I’d want a copy, duh.

And so it is that following her generosity and general good-nature, I am thusly able to  give you…duh duh duh…the photographic evidence:


See it?!  There’s the shoe!  What do you mean, you don’t see it?  Oh, for the love of…

shoe highlight

There.  Is that better?  Well, I suppose it’s still a little bit like trying to find the, um, stem on the apple—if you know what I mean—in one of those baby ultrasounds.  But hey, this isn’t the Zapruder film and I’m not exactly a Photoshopping virtuoso.

Thankfully, I am skilled enough to make faces blurry to protect the "innocence" of family photo booth participants. 

See?  I wasn’t making that business up.

And hey, look, SHOE!

That is all.