A musical cry for help

It seems like I rarely have anything productive to say on a Tuesday.  I don’t why, but back when I was doing limericks and haiku regularly, more often than not they magically appeared on Tuesdays with a crack of thunder and a puff of smoke.  That is, as if to say, "BEHOLD…the Tuesday Short! Tremble at it’s dramatic entrance and then, well, be off with you!"

"Seriously, that’s it for today.  Come back tomorrow."

"Are you still here?  Don’t make this awkward.  Do I need to call security?"

Eventually, I got kind of bored with the whole short thing.  I mean, let’s face it, I tend to do better with 1000 words than with 10.  Heck, I’m already something like 120 of the little bugers into this post and haven’t even sniffed yet at the topic-at-hand.

So.  Anyway. Tuesdays.  I think I want to start doing a regular thing on Tuesday.  Every week.  Why?  Because I seek….enrichment!

As I’ve mentioned more than once before, I have a rather, um, checkered past when it comes to just about anything musical.  Music has just never been a driving force in my life.  And then one day last week, I realized that I haven’t bought a CD in well over a year.  Well, truth be told, it’s been much longer than that since I bought a actual, physical disc, but for the sake of argument, let’s not pick nits. The important point is that my iTunes library is as stagnant as Jon Gosselin’s TV career and only slightly more diverse than the membership roster of Bushwood Country Club.

Seriously, when I fire up the iTunes DJ shuffle, I can’t help but think I’m napping through an alt-themed episode of Pop-Up video from 1997.  Which is fine, I guess, but I don’t want to be that guy forever.

It’s time for all this to change.

Therefore, every week in 2012, I’m going to buy a new CD and write about it on Tuesday.  Not a review, per se, because I clearly lack the critical and analytical tools and expertise to really review a work of music.  But as an idiot with a URL, an occasional opinion, and a fair-to-middlin’ grasp of "Blogger English" (which, obviously isn’t quite the Queen’s version).  With those things, I’m guessing I can come up with a few interesting points about each week’s new album, whether it makes me want to roll around with rainbows and unicorns in a sunlit field or, conversely, kick puppies in a back alley*.

And more importantly, this whole scheme will also help me avoid listening to Cincinnati corporate radio to and from work.  *and there was much rejoicing*

But…I need help.  More specifically, your help.  I know for sure that the CD for the very first "New Tunes Tuesday" post will be the soundtrack from Tron: Legacy.  Because:

  1. I’ve heard almost nothing but good things about it,
  2. It’s Tron and I’m a nerd, so you know, matchy-matchy, and
  3. I’ve enjoyed the Daft Punk I’ve heard in the past. 

So that seems a good place to start.

After that, though, the world of new music lay wide open before me, and I don’t have a guide.  I beg you, then, for suggestions.  I know there are music people out there; tell me, what should I listen to?  I’ll put no restrictions on genre, theme, or content other than to say it must be a work of music.  In other words, while I’m sure Dane Cook’s latest stand-up CD from Radio City Music Hall or wherever is teh bombz, that’s not really going to broaden my horizons very much.

I’ll try to post a reminder for suggestions every so often.  You can get them my way via twitter, facebook, email, or by leaving a comment on this (or any) post.

So, then, anybody want to help me address my embarrassing iTunes library?

All lines are open for requests.


*I’d never really kick a puppy.  I mean…it’s a puppy!  They’re all cute and fuzzy and snuggly, even when they’re peeing all over your brand new $799 Persian rug.

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