Christmas promises kept

I said yesterday that I would reveal my big Christmas secret, and I’m a Puddin of my word!

If you follow Puddintopia on facebook, then you’ve probably already seen this, but today began the first installment my five-part adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for Hoperatives.  I’ll go into more detail when it’s finished, but the idea was to adapt the story to revolve around a craft beer theme, while keeping with the usual basic tenants of the story.  So, you still get your let’s be good to each other and all be better people in honor of Christmas themes, you know, the Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men parts with the added bonus of Why Drink Cheap Beer?

Really, it makes more sense when you read it.

So, anyway, I’m pretty proud of it so far, why not swing by Hoperatives and check it out?

Seriously.  Why are you still here?

Go on.