A Dog, His Guy, And Some Socks

Earlier today I was going back through the many, many (many) sock pictures from this past year — for a surprise project! — and I realized that over the course of the first three months of 2018, two things became very clear. The first is that my skill with taking and presenting pictures of the […]

Conundrums And Canine Accusations

Neither Smoky nor I really know what the pattern on this pair of socks is actually supposed to represent. With one look, it kinda seems to me like, I don’t know, jigsaw pieces or something. But then with a second on the green parts remind me of Christmas trees. Since yesterday was tree day around […]

A Few Pups Shy Of A Pack

Because I am perpetually a day late and a dollar short, I just today realized that yesterday was apparently National Dog Day. Now, before you start wagging any fingers at me for neglecting this poor dog, I’m going to be 100% honest with you: based on the attention-levels and treats consumed by Mr. Smoky, basically […]

The Story Of A Man, His Patterns, And A Dog*

I feel like I’ve maybe but shown either my patterns or Smoky enough love these past few weeks, and today hit me as a good day to remedy both. Which is to say, I wore a geographic pattern today because I felt like it this morning, and Smoky decided to pose for a picture. I […]

Love The Dog (And Socks) You’re With

There are two pet dogs in today’s sock photo, and one of them is significantly more famous than the other. Smoky, however, was unfazed today by his relative ignominy. But seeing as he was the one actually getting to chase down toys and gnaw on them at my Snoopy-covered feet, I suppose his audacity can […]

Wading In For Scooby Snacks

July 9th is clearly, obviously the perfect date to fire off Cartoon Week. Why? Uh…for reasons. I swear. Hell, let’s just say it’s because back in my day, summer was a magical time of getting to watch cartoons multiple times a day. That’s is, you got morning shows as long as you were in grade […]

Constellations And Canine Considerations

The Puddinette and I sat out on the patio last night when it became inexplicably temperate for one glorious night, giving us a brief moment of respite from this year’s July Hellscape. Being the nerds we are, of course, we broke out a sky view app on my phone, which identified for us all the […]

American Mutt, First In A Series

On the eve of the all-American holiday, I give you the all-American dog begging for attention between a pair of all-American socks. I’ll warn you now, this could be a pattern over the next few days. Also, yes, of course he got said attention. 😄

Space Kitty And Kinetic Energies

Sometimes, when it’s hot, I don’t go out on the patio, until the cooler evening hours. I’m not sure waiting for it to be 84 at 11:30 PM qualifies as either evening or cooler, but here we are, with me in my astronaut cat socks, which I’ve been saving for just the right day. As […]

Man’s Best Friend

I haven’t had a chance to post today’s sock picture until now, which is amusing since it’s 1 AM. In other words, “today’s” socks are actually yesterday’s, but since I’m not asleep yet, it’s still today and not yet tomorrow as far as I’m concerned. Why the delay? Because my not-quite year-old lab puppy has […]