Eggs Benediction

I’m not sure who’s having the best Sunday afternoon here — me in my brunchy egg fried socks, or Smoky, crushing hard on a mid-Sunday afternoon nap atop a pile of his favorite stuffed friends. Either way, everyone photo’d here is thoroughly enjoying a little leisure afternoon time, the benefits or which can simply not […]

Puppy Dog Hearts

As promised, here are your first hearts for the week. But even as adorable as this pair of socks is, it pales in comparison to that puppy face practically begging for playtime. Don’t worry; he got it. I am, after all, not an actual monster. Mostly.

Dogs Need Happy Hour Too

Wore the martini glasses today, in anticipation of happy hour a colleague put on the calendar last week. Smoky, it appears, wasn’t terribly impressed with my Friday after-work plans, but had one or two ideas of house own about what we should do when I got home. Incidentally, they all included playing with formerly stuffed […]

One Geek, Two Geek, That Was A Good Week(end)

As it turns out, I did not actually fall off the face of the Earth this past week. Or even into a vat of cookie dough large enough to house all of Wonka’s Oompa Loompas plus a goodly portion of his walnut-testing squirrels, despite the fact that I’ve done nothing but think of making cookies […]

The Legend of the Lazarus Snail

This is the smallish fish tank that lives at la casa de Puddin.  The Puddinette and I tell ourselves it’s for the kids, but to my knowledge, they don’t even know how many fish are in there anymore.  You can take a few guesses as to who feeds the tanks inhabitants on a regular basis, […]

The weekend approaches

So it’s Friday around these parts, which means that by the time you’ve read this, the weekend will either already be in full swing or barely a mere step away from your greedy, outstretched paws. Which, of course, begs the question, what are you planning for your weekend? Me? Well, what I really want to […]

The ultimate internet filler: a haiku and a doggy picture

I’ve had too much on my mind all day today to produce a post that isn’t total, incessant, rambling drivel, although how that would differ from a typical post isn’t, um, completely clear.  You know what?  Quit asking so many questions.  What is this, the Spanish Inquision?  I don’t have to answer to you. I […]