Socks for Social Distancing, Day 11

In keeping my promise to be a little less “Monday” around here on Tuesday, I figured I could also use today as a chance to focus on our pets and such. So let’s give a shout out to all the four-legged friends out there helping people keep their respective shizznit together while the world grinds to a slow, isolated halt.

And, yes, even though these are puppy socks, that sentiment includes cats as well. Although who for the life of me seeks out a pet that’s just as likely to be plotting your demise as want to be shown affection is beyond me, but I’m a simple guy with simple tastes, and people do a lot of things that confuse me. I suppose I should also include non-traditional pets in that general sentiment. So here’s looking at your dog, cat, fish, canary, parakeet, python, gecko, gerbil, muskrat, ferret, raccoon, Gila monster, duck, emotional support llama, or what-have-you.

But, no sir, not that goose. Not any of those geese. Geese are dicks.

Otherwise, hug, pet, or otherwise treat your animal today. He or she is probably going to be doing the hardest work of their otherwise leisurely lives keeping you sane and putting up with you all day every day for the next month or so.