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The Slow, Torturous March  to Parental Obsolescence, Part I

A few nights ago, after brushing his little, seven year-old teeth while wearing a set of colorful, seven year-old’s pajamas, my youngest son bounced up to me to make an announcement. The bouncing wasn’t a surprise, of course; when you’re seven, if your movement from place to place isn’t primarily bounce-driven, something needs a band-aid, […]

Things I’m Thankful for, Days 24 and 25: Bedtime and Naptime

I know it might seem at first blush that I’m attempting to pull a fast one here by being thankful for what is essential the same basic thing from a parenting perspective. I mean, what else do bedtime and naptime represent for us but a brief respite from the constant need to wipes faces, tie […]

Things that go "sniffle" in the night

When it comes to nighttime, I’ll be the first to admit that I have little patience for shenanigans from the puddinlings.  I usually attribute it to my mostly German ancestry, which is to say that my mother didn’t put up with foolishness anymore than her father did.  In my experience, both were as apt to […]