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Weekend Debate: M & M’s

Since Wednesday’s haiku for the candy-coated chocolates that melt in…well, you know, was so popular, I couldn’t help myself but make them the subject of this weeks’ debate.  See, not only are M & M’s loved nearly universally, they also come in an abundance of varieties, which makes them a topic debate plum for the […]

Rising from the ashes of your own angst

It typically happens three, four times a year, maybe.  It’s not frequent.  But sometimes, just every so often, I unintentionally cover myself in such a dark, grumpy, curmudgeonly cloud that Ebenezer Scrooge himself would raise an (excessively bushy) eyebrow at me and say, “Damn, who dropped the fire ants down his skirt?” The Puddinette and […]