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This Is Not The Day You’re Looking For

I keep thinking today is Thursday. It’s not; it’s Wednesday. That’s unfortunate, too, because Thursday usually means wrapping up the week’s homework with the kids, looking forward to “casual day”, and, if I’m lucky, designating it Beer and A Movie Night.  Wednesday, on the other hand, means baseball practice, more homework, taking the recycling out, […]

So, it’s Friday in the Ohio Valley, must be the End of the World

Oh, I’m glad that storm rolled through here before dinner.  It’s even sunny now. Oh, wait, looking on the other side of the house, it appears that, yes, Armageddon is actually upon us. Have a great weekend!  You know, assuming the End isn’t actually nigh. Pu’nd

When it rains…

So, we got some rain around these parts on Wednesday.  And by “rain”, I mean a real knicker-twister of a storm that flashed the lightening and crashed the thunder as if an Immortal was beheaded late in the afternoon.  Even better, The Quickening came with a heavy, drenching downpour of complimentary precipitation that, while not […]