Warning: Hockey-related contents within

Huzzah! I has returned from a professional hockey game. The local minor-league guys, our very own Cincinnati Cyclones, won Game Four of the Kelly Cup Finals tonight and currently lead the series three games to one. Tomorrow night they could totally win the Kelly Cup for the second time in three years. I would SO love to go to that game too, but I have the family responsibilities, and the wife was already WAY gracious in not throwing a fit when I deserted the homefront on a weeknight for hockey purposes. So I think I’ll not press my luck. Instead, I’ll listen to the game online during bath time tomorrow night. You know, unless someone wants to watch four kids for three hours so the wife and I can have us a Kelly Cup Finals Date? Feel free to volunteer.

Beyond the news of hockey victory, I am surprisingly lacking for entertaining things about which to ramble incoherently. You can probably go ahead and assume, then, that this post will be containing less awesome than usual.

Apologies aside, I did find out something new and interesting tonight. Apparently, I could still play college hockey, if I so chose. My alma mater, Northern Kentucky University, has a club team which I’m told takes anyone that shows up to play and is considered a full-time student. The rules say a graduate student is full-time as long as he/she carries at least 6 hours. So, if I was to decide to pursue a Master’s degree in, say, Literature, I could also play hockey….at 37 years old.

Surely this would make my wife, children, parents, and in-laws incredibly proud. I mean, there’s almost zero chance that the twenty-year olds I’d be playing with would skate circles around me while making derisive hand gestures as I searched for my Geritol right? Plus, I could get everyone an NKU Hockey t-shirt or jersey for Christmas!

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll stick to the full time job and the recreational beer league. Probably a better idea; I wouldn’t want to show the kids up with my mad skillz.

Quick random movie note: I watch Up in the Air last night. I found it quite entertaining, although I’m not completely sure I liked the ending. Still, it was absolutely a worth the not-quite two hour investment, and I’d officially recommend it. Also, I know that people are fairly evenly divided on the George Clooney issue, but I have to admit I tend to enjoy his movies. Dude seems cool, is from the K-Y, and digs beautiful little Italy towns. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

I’m off work tomorrow and have plans to do some writing and editing. So, enough randomness for one night.


PS: Go Cyclones!

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