There’s just no excuse for a mood like that

I’m in a mood tonight and have no excuse for it. There’s absolutely no reason I ought to be grumpy. I took the day off from work to spend some time with the boys while the Puddinette and Lil’ Princess went to a birthday party a classmate. While they were gone, I took Sanford and The Attitude to Skyline for lunch to reward the former for a recent spate of excellent behavior. He got to pick the place for his Good Behavior lunch and to my good fortune, he likes chili as much as his father.

By the way, the Cyclones are, as I type, leading Game 6 of the Kelly Cup Finals with a score of 2-1. If they win tonight, they’ll be drinking from the Cup. It’s late in the third period; my fingers are crossed.

So I didn’t go to work today and enjoyed a really nice lunch with two of the boys. After lunch, I did some final revising on a short story I think I’m ready to submit to a few places for potential publication. I have absolutely no idea if the thing is worthy of being rendered in print, either in a magazine or online, but I feel pretty good about it at this point. I do know for certain that I’m very glad I took up the Puddintopia Challenge a few months ago; the regular practice has definitely had a measurably positive effect on what I do every day.

So, still, no explanation to be in a mood.

We had a nice dinner of Red Baron pizza and a salad-bar salad that contained more accessories than greens. The thing was perfect: hard-boiled eggs, sesame crunch sticks, real bacon, tomatoes, thinly sliced onions, croutons, sunflower seeds, various additional tasty things, and, oh yeah, a few errant pieces of romaine. I think I might have enjoyed the “salad” more than the pizza. It was a nice Friday evening dinner, either way.

So here it is, Friday night, the kids are in bed, and I’m still in a mood for no apparent reason. Sure, there’s some weather out there, but I’ve always liked it a little rainy. Actually, I like it downright stormy too. So that’s no excuse either.

In the time it took me to write everything from Skyline to the weather, the Cyclones’ held out for a 2-1 victory, and are at this moment skating the Kelly Cup around US Bank Arena in front of a raucous crowd. It sure is good to know that we can eventually win some kind of sport around here!

So maybe I’m not so much in a mood any more.

I have to say, I really can’t stand it when I get irked for no good reason. I don’t feel like myself at all when I’m moping about. Also, a little random funk always makes me worry that I’m getting up towards menopause, and no one wants to see me taking hormone replacements.

Silliness aside, it’s a damn good thing to know you can always count on something to get you back on the right path. For me, tonight, it was a little writing while I listened to an online hockey feed. I do believe now that it’s time enjoy a celebratory beverage from Stone Brewing to commemorate the big win tonight. Congratulations to the 2010 ECHL Champion Cincinnati Cyclones, and thanks fellas for giving me a little de-funk catalyst.


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  1. The cyclones won and you have plans to buy golf clubs. All is right with the world. Tell Sanford I’m scouring the house for more junk. He was disappointed on his last visit – Lol


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