Naptime, FTW*!

Yesterday was largely up and down. I was prodded out of bed early by The Puddinette, although I suppose I’m using the term early somewhat liberally. It wasn’t early. Early is watching the sun lazily creep up over the horizon and giving it the look your Mom used to give you when you pressed for a compliment after finally clearing that pile of debris off your bedroom floor following a week of nagging. Sure, you thought it was the glorious equivalent of taking a WWII German machine gun nest single-handedly, but she was somewhat unimpressed, and the smirk and flat stare she offered said that very plainly.

Being awake long enough to give the sun that look means you got up early. Dragging it out of bed in time for the garage door repair guy who’s supposed to be at the house sometime after 9 AM isn’t really an Earth-shattering feat. Ok, fine. But still, it was earlier than I wanted to get up. Then again, noon is usually earlier than I want to get up. But apparently I’m not 24 anymore, and when you have four kids (well, really, any number of them) the expectation is that you’ll be awake to love, nurture and care for them.

Ahem. So. Up and down, yes. Thus it was 9 AM and I was up.

The repair guy didn’t arrive until 11. Down.

Repairs were brief and slightly less wallet-shrinking than expected. Up.

The new remote keypad the guy installed didn’t work with both doors because one of them has the signal reception range of your grandmother’s first remote control TV. You know the one: that remote had to be held just so in order to click off of Lawrence Welk and his damned bubbles. Down.

We went to the annual Fall Festival at my kids’ school, where much fun was had playing games, eating foods of questionable nutritive value, and jumping on Godzilla-sized inflatables. Up.

It was fun, yes, but my wallet suffered additional shrinkage, and there was precious little to show for it save for a partially eaten bag of popcorn, two pieces of Dubble Bubble, and a Tootsie Roll. Also, The Attitude spent much of the time we were there vigorously attempting to extract himself from the stroller. He was not pleased. Down.

When we got home, I managed to fix the problem with the poor signal reception of my lame garage door opener. Up.

The Puddinette decided some retail therapy was in order. She claimed the kids needed clothes. I think she just wanted to get out of the house on a nice fall afternoon. Either way, additional wallet shrinkage; it took quite the beating yesterday. Down.

At five o’clock, with the youngest down for a nap, my oldest two playing together, quietly, and my daughter with the Puddinette, I sat down to flip between the Reds game and college football for half an hour or so before starting dinner. I drifted off to the sounds of autumn baseball, and from around 5 to 5:15, I dozed lightly. It was brief, but damn it was wonderful.

Fifteen minutes of naptime on a Saturday afternoon. Unequivocally, definitely, Up.



*FTW: For the Win. It’s a gamer thing.

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