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New Year’s Confessional

As I’ve spent the better part of this year writing stuff here, and since the number of people who check it regularly has grown beyond a set of readers composed by my wife, parents, and mother-in-law, I suppose I’ve earned the right to bear the label “blogger”.  So, then, officially, I am puddin, blogger. Earth-shattering, […]

The Dreaded Holiday Hangover

December 30th is upon us.  Only one more holiday remains in the annual Iron-Man run through the season.  One more night of excess, perhaps even a little too much, and one more too-bright, too-early morning complete with a complimentary head-vice stand between us and the start of the regular new year proper, the return to […]

A very good day, in any weather

Sometimes, everything works out alright in the end, even though you figured you had little chance of succeeding.  Better yet, sometimes, every once a blue moon, the stars line up, the Fates smile, and the dominoes fall exactly the right way, including a point where they clack together into a massive advertisement that screams “Eat […]

A limerick for a budding fan

This fall, Puddin’s oldest son, Longed to see the Bengals a ton. A miracle then did unfold, In temperatures beyond simply cold, When they attended a game actually won!

A gift of marginal value, at best

I was totally planning to buy a pint for each and every person who’d read something I’d written throughout the course of this year either here at or for as a Christmas gift.  But then the Puddinette, who is wise, pointed out that I don’t really make any money off of my half-mad […]

A Merry Christmas to all…

I believe the Puddinette was a tad irritated with me this evening. I was supposed to be home kind of early today. It was the last day at the office for pretty much everyone until after Christmas, and that usually means an early departure. And there was an early departure. It just didn’t turn into […]

Testing a new toy

This is a test, written and posted to using Google Docs.

Additional random Christmas heresy

I promised myself earlier today that I would not, under any circumstances, be using the holidays, winter, or the Dreaded White Death as the subject, or even a tangential reference, of tonight’s post. I noticed I’ve had discussed precious little else around here lately, and honestly fear boring you kind people to death with talk […]

A little Buddhism for Christmas

The weekend before Christmas is winding down, and while I obviously can’t speak for everyone, if you’re anything like us, you’re not lacking for stuff to do. Between office parties, family get-togethers, shopping, wrapping, drinking, baking, roasting, and super gluing patridges to pear trees, there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. Which is, you know, […]

A silly limerick for the Holiday partier

These days it’s a holiday trend, so many parties for one to attend. While I enjoy a good toast, I’d like more time to post, And no lampshades to wear in the end!