Comfort and Joy

I started having A Day before today was even officially, well, today. Late last night, the server that provides all my wonderful wit and wisdom to the internets and beyond began sporadically making sounds that led me to believe that either: it was going zombie on me and would shortly be stalking the house in … Continue reading Comfort and Joy

The Great Squealing Alarm of Doom

My head snapped up off the pillow in the wee hours this morning, startling awake to a room full of darkness and confused by the incessant chirp of an electronic alarm. beep..beep..beep..beep..beep..beep.. The Puddinette tapped my shoulder urgently, panic rising in her voice as she whispered. "Honey, what's that? What's that noise?!" beep..beep..beep..beep..beep..beep.. My brain … Continue reading The Great Squealing Alarm of Doom