A follow-up of questionable value

I imagine everyone is likely waiting on pins and needles to find out how I feel about the bargain soda, now that I’ve had an opportunity to sample it. Since I hate to disappoint, here you go: in my very questionable opinion, Big K Cola “OH” really ought to be labeled Big K Cola “OMG, This is Awful”. Personally, I think I’d rather drink melted road slush.

Ok, its really not that bad. If you’re a regular Big K drinker, especially, I think you’d find it acceptable. As I said, though, I’m a bit of Coke purist, and this stuff doesn’t taste anything like it. It has a much sweeter taste, and as a rule, I have little use for sweetness. I’m sweet enough already.

But, you know, in the most manly way possible of course. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Ahem. Yes, well. Were was I?  Oh, right. The drink’s not my thing; Coke Zero rules! Now then, let’s watch some football.