Ask and you shall receive

I haz the bestest ancillary family ever.  Within an hour, roughly, of when I published tonight’s post regarding Uncle J’s Best. Pizza. Ever., the Puddinette was speaking on the telephone to cousins interested in delivering the magic goodness in question.  To my home.  At 10:30 on a Saturday night.

Tomorrow I will write, likely at ridiculous length (as I am wont to do),  about whether I believe it’s the unicorn horn flour or the fairy tears that make it so tasty.  For now, it is enough to know that The Family thought the Puddinette and I worthy enough that the birthday girl herself (plus several unnamed accomplices, whose craziness equals my own) brought us a sample of the tastiness.

I am slightly humbled at the gesture, and at the same time not at all surprised.

As I said, I haz the best ancillary family.


2 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive

  1. Yeah, talked with Kath just before the afore mentioned discussion on delivery. We’ve had John’s pizza and watched him in the prep – very cool 🙂 Family traditions, always a good thing 😀


  2. BTW, Mike Wong whipped some 8 year old Bacardi on me at the Wok last night. Wow, that stuff is very special. Didn’t even know that rum ever got to be that old before lubricating some pirate 🙂


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