Oh, the Mini-Me I know!

Man, it feels like it’s been weeks since I wrote a new post. Friday wasn’t really that long ago. Then again, that was two whole rounds of NCAA tournament and a bunch of bonus Final Four euphoria before now, so I suppose I understand why it seems so distant. You can all relax, though, I haven’t abandoned you.

I do feel compelled to tack on a comment about the awesomeness of Friday. On top of all the other stuff I said was great, UK beat OSU in a jaw-clenching, white-knuckled finish, and I managed to brew a batch of my favorite homebrew. That’s clearly good day type stuff.

Considering I hadn’t done any brewing in almost five years, I expected to be happy as long as I didn’t end up repainting the kitchen afterward. It turns out I well exceeded my own expectations, at least with the brewing phase. All the right ingredients went in on time, nothing got ruined, and I didn’t even make that big a mess. Now we just need to hope the fermentation and bottling phases go as smoothly.

And yes, of course I’ll share it when it’s done. As long as it doesn’t end up tasting like drain cleaner.

What’s it doing right now? Well, this:

I know it doesn’t look like much now. But just you wait.

After Friday, the weekend was jammed full of action. The Puddinette is occasionally shocked to find that when I have the mindset to Get Things Done, well, things get done. This weekend, I put down new grass seed, created a couple of patches of mulch around the swing set, got the oil changed on the Family Swagger Wagon, and hung a ceiling fan, complete with new reinforcement bar.

Yes, that’s right, sometimes I am The Man. It’s a shame, though, that my poor wife doesn’t quite understand yet that all my Household Points have now been spent and will need to accumulate again before additional projects can be undertaken. Oh well, she’ll figure it out next weekend when I spend Saturday afternoon alternately watching baseball on TV, picking at my fingernails, and napping.

Oh, there was one additional thing that needed doing over the weekend. We found out Friday that it’s Mini-Me’s turn to be Star Student of the Week in his class. Basically that means that this week is all about sharing some details from his life. For instance, today he made an “All About Me” poster and took in a bunch of his cool stuff for show and tell.

On top of that, the parents are supposed to write something up about their child to read in class. Clearly, this was not task we were going to approach half-way. After some discussion, the Puddinette suggested I do a Seussism for the assignment, and me being me, I nearly fell over myself agreeing with the idea. So, after taking time to select the appropriate Dr. Seuss reference piece, we came up with this, inspired by “Oh, the Places You’ll Go“.

Oh, the Mini-Me* We Know!

Three cheers for Mini-Me,
the Star Student this week.
A special First Grader, he is clearly unique.

So many qualities make him just great.
Just one? Well, for instance, he loves to ice skate.

He likes to play Legos, and to build things for fun.
He never gives up until the building is done.

At other play times, oh, the things he pretends,
such imagination he uses with friends.

He often wants Skyline, I bet you didn’t know.
He likes Chinese too; with chopsticks he’s pro!

But breads large and small, he loves more than all.

He loves scary shows; Scooby Doo makes him smile.
His hair and sharp hats let you know he’s got style.

So helpful at home, always offering a hand.
What else can I say? He’s an awesome little man.

Oh, the Mini-Me we know!

He’s always so happy!
He brings everyone cheer!
He makes us all smile, just being right here.

I think maybe that’s not the worst piece I’ve ever written. I hope he thinks so too.


*The version we sent to school included his actual name, of course

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