Gasp! Shock! Disbelief! (Song of 100 ‘Likes’)

I mostly didn’t believe this day would actually ever come, but just like Christmas morning, the moment has finally arrived.  My little blog here has, at last, gathered more than 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

*waits for party*

*look around*

Um, didn’t somebody load up the confetti cannon?  Who forgot to order the ballons?!


*blows kazoo*

Anyway, so I guess I have a promise to keep, huh?  And the 100th fan gets to pick the pic, right?  Well never  fear, my friends, Puddin always keeps his promises.


See, there’s one little problem.  I’m not entirely sure who that 100th “Like” is.  I seem to be getting conflicting information.  On the sidebar here at, there’s this:


See how it says that “101 people like”?  Yet, on the actual on Facebook, the number stands at 100.  So, um, I’m confused.  Well, actually,  Facebook is confused.  But that’s not helping me out any.  Whom do I let choose my picture?

Luckily, I have been married long enough to realize that sometimes, compromise is necessary.  So then, I have made a decision.  The last two people that  clicked that magic “Like” button will get to choose the image of my face for use on Facebook and Puddintopia.  Each image will stay up for one Earth-based week.

So, let the fun begin!  I can’t wait to see what they pick.  For the time being, though, I’ve put up my own new profile that doesn’t crop my face in any way, shape or form.  I hope you like it.

More seriously, a deep and heart-felt Thank You! to everyone who keeps track of the nonsense here on Puddintopia, whether via facebook, twitter, or any other way.  When I started, I was determined to do this whether anyone besides the Puddinette read it or not.  Knowing that there’s a growing number of other people out there that actually do read it just makes me want to do it better.

I hope, at least, to bring a smile to your day from time to time.

You’ve all brought plenty of smiles to mine.


2 thoughts on “Gasp! Shock! Disbelief! (Song of 100 ‘Likes’)

  1. Congrats, from the lady who delivered!!!! You have accomplished something I never did — and you make me proud!!!!! You have brought me both smiles and tears in this little space — from making me feel I did some things right, and for some reason now I will always associate birds with glue guns!!!!! 🙂


  2. Congrats on your milestone and your wry view of the world. Erma and Mark would be proud as the grass really is greener over the septic tank and whitewashing the fence without work does take skills 🙂 Here’s to everyday life and the humor it provides if you only pay attention. Thanks for paying attention and translating:)


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