Google likes its ‘skinemax’

I don’t really look too carefully at the webpage stats for Puddintopia all that often.  Sure, I like to keep my eye on the daily number of hits, but that’s mostly because I’m the quintessential middle child and need constant affirmation.  I used to like getting mail for the same reason, until it became mostly bills.  Then I was all about email, but now that’s mostly spam for mortgages and, um, growth pills.

At any rate, I just happened to noticed that recently I’m seeing more and more searches lead people to my little corner of the interwebs here.  So I decided to do a little analysis and look over the past six months of search history.

The data is very interesting.

In January, only 6 searches led a user here, and in February, only 5.  For both of those months, half of the search criteria included the text “puddintopia”, which leads me to believe most of the search-goers knew where they wanted to go.

Incidentally, in January, someone ended up here looking for “get over your period fast”, and someone else with the phrase “get over your ex girlfriend”.  Honestly, these boggle my mind, since:

  1. I’m not a woman and therefore have zero experience with, um, female stuff, and
  2. I don’t often dish out the relationship advice.  This isn’t Oprah and I’ve never exactly been Don Juan with the ladies, or even Captain Kirk with the green-skinned aliens.

At any rate, beginning in March, the search activity ultimately leading to puddintopia has gone crazy, in a good way.  There were 14 distinct search phrases that month and 20 (the maximum number reported by the statistics package) each for April and May.  For June, even though we’re only half-way through the month, the number is already up to 16.

So, for me, this begs the question, what happened?  Why did Google (what’s that? there are other search engines, you say?  Nonsense!) suddenly start sending people from the great wide webs to my doorstep much more frequently beginning in March?

Well, after hours of pouring over my web traffic logs (read: I opened my stats analysis package for the first time this year), I think I finally have the answer.  My ego would like me to believe that my annual birthday post and all the spring party talk made Google feel welcome and put me on the cool kids list.  As is so often the case in life, my ego is gravely mistaken.

While I lack the objective evidence that would make a conclusion absolutely clear, I’ve got a gritty 40’s gumshoe hunch that I know what’s going on.  On March 21st, I published this post about the amount of skin readily available on TV these days (and how my thirteen year-old self would likely be pleased).  Ever since then, Puddintopia has been the destination for quite a few more internet searches.

So, while users nowadays frequently stop by in search of limericks and haiku, it seems that the catalyst that finally got Google to send traffic this way was, well, “skinemax”.

Yes, that’s right, filthy pandering has apparently made Puddintopia a more popular internet destination.  Who could have guessed?

Oh, and by the way, next to the word “puddintopia”, “skinemax” is the only other term in the top 20 search items every month since March.

I kinda feel bad for the people looking for that landing here.

But only kinda.


2 thoughts on “Google likes its ‘skinemax’

  1. I once made a post about the theater production “Naked Boys Singing.”

    You can only imagine what people searched for to wind up on my blog.


  2. That’s both terrible and hilarious. I think it’s the kind of the thing you have to take pride in, dishing that sort of disappointment. 🙂


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