Reader’s Choice Image #2

Well, I guess it’s not really “Reader’s Choice”, is it?  It’s honestly more “Puddintopia’s 100th Fan Grand Prize package”.  Truth be told, I’m not sure that getting to pick an image to represent me here and on Facebook is all that grand an award, but what can I say?  The printer keeps “losing” the Puddintopia ballcaps and t-shirts I ordered.

Mental note: order some Puddintopia ballcaps and t-shirts (everybody wants one, right?).

At any rate, as you can now see, my reader-selected avatar image for this week has been posted in all the appropriate places.  I hope you enjoy the pudding and whipped-cream face.  I think it’s rather dapper.  I might have it used for business cards.

Also, there’s been a bit of whining and complaining that the images used so far have not included my actual, you know, face.  Yes, I will readily admit that the original agreement stipulated that after reaching 100 Likes, I would use a full profile image of my face for Facebook.  And I will, I promise.  Next Friday.  It’ll be all like a carnival, with confetti, balloons, trumpets, and rides for the kids.  Heck, I’m even trying to line up that one creepy guy to run the tilt-a-whirl and give everybody the evil-eye.  That’s the kind of extravaganza we’re talking here.  And then you’ll all shrug and go back to your lives while I have to deal with looking at myself on Facebook. Although, I suppose that’s adequate punishment for strong-arming all of you into reading this foolishness.

But I digress.

So…here’s the newest avatar pic.  I love it.  A big “Thank You” to Lucky Winning Reader Number 2, who gave me the Happy Face Pudding.  I hope you like it too.  It’ll be around for a week, and then next Friday…well, see above.

Yep, next Friday’s gonna be a Big Day, indeed.