Everybody’s working on the weekend

I was the envy of all my co-workers on Monday.  While they toiled in the dark, cold, pitiless salt mines of modern employment for a crust of stale, moldering bread* and the ever-important health care package, I lounged at home with nary a responsibility to anyone but my family.  I took yesterday off because, believe it or not, after the weekend, I thought a bit of a break sounded good.

Modern family life is not for the lazy or weak of spirit, and everybody needs a break sometimes.  And I mean, a real break, not just a few hours off the regular itinerary, filled with responsibilities of a different kind.  If you don’t get a little breather every now and again, you’ll end up trying to set fire to the steam coming off a hot dog with a giggly, faraway stare while muttering to yourself about you one-man, off-Broadway interpretation of Miss Saigon.

As mentioned in yesterday’s haiku, my weekend was chock full of activity.  There was, of course, Saturday’s rock breaking extravaganza, which was followed by a church festival Saturday evening (you know how I feel about those, right?).  Sunday brought another round of family pictures.

By the way, have you ever tried to take family pictures with a head-strong two year-old and three additional kids of varying interest and patience?  It’s like trying to wrangle a box full of house spiders into matching uniforms and getting them into ordered lines for a military march.

Miraculously, we did get some good shots.

That’s not to say I’m complaining about all the hectic weekend activity.  I’m not, I swear.  I love it; it’s what I signed up for.  It helps combat my natural inclination towards being a lay-about.  And believe me, if not for all the important things in life to keep me busy, I’d have probably spent the last five years trying to make the perfect origami animal shapes.  Left to my own devices, I’d eventually be the subject of a newspaper article that reads something like, “Confused man appears at local hospital, the apparent victim of a thousand paper cuts resulting from an attempt to fold a post-it note dragon while under the influence of beer, horse tranquilizers, and squeeze cheese.”

Nobody wants that.

More seriously, for me, it’s all the stuff going on that makes me realize I’m getting my money’s worth on the one-time-only Bus Ride of life.  Was I always relaxed and well-rested?  Well, no.  But I wasn’t bored either, and I’ve been spending my time doing things that I think truly matter, to me or those close to me.  So, yes, sometimes it might be nice to have a little extra time to sit back, drink lemonade, and watch the world go by.  But I wouldn’t want to make a life out of it.

That’s what taking a Monday off is for, anyway.  You catch up on laundry and squeeze some lemons.

It helps ward off the crazies.


*I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  As I’ve said, my employer’s pretty cool.