Cast your vote for OTR, help preserve history

I know I mentioned this the other day when I wrote my guest post for Paul Daugherty’s blog on, but it occurred to me today that I never said anything on Puddintopia about the “This Place Matters” Community Challenge being run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  So, while I have plenty of office work to do, a post to write for tomorrow, a Hoperatives post percolating in my noggin, plus today’s 500 words for my novel still on the old to-do list, I’m using my brief lunch time today to ask for help.

Over-the-Rhine is the largest, intact historical district in the US.  Places with famous historical sites wish they had as much going for them as OTR does.  The problem is that, well, OTR needs some TLC.  And while there’s plenty of hands willing to help, TLC, at least of the restoration variety, requires USD.  That’s U.S. Dollars to you and me, Russ.  Benjamins.  Greenbacks.  Moolah.  Scratch.

Right now, from today up until tomorrow at midnight, we have an opportunity to help get OTR some of those much-needed dollars.  As mentioned above, the National Trust for Historic Preservation is hosting a “This Place Matters” Community Challenge.  The community foundation garnering the most votes will receive a $25,000 prize.  Our very own Over-the-Rhine Foundation is participating, and I’m happy to report that OTR has been in and out of first place for the better part of the week.

It’s a tight vote, though, a real barn burner.  In fact, when I sat down with my sandwich just now, our very own historical community was in second place.  Until I voted.  Apparently, my one vote pushed OTR into first.  But it won’t stay that way for long, I assure you.  The other communities vying for the fabulous cash and prizes want to win pretty badly too.  There’s going to be an old-fashioned bare-knuckled brawl before midnight tomorrow, I reckon.

So, as a concerned citizen of the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area that obviously would rather see historical buildings restored than bulldozed, what can you do?  Luckily, there’s no Zelda-esque Quest of Doom here.  You don’t need to slay three dragons before the full moon and recombine the magical pieces of the Tri-Participle within the Crystal Chamber of the Caves of Quendiddly-Agorath.  In fact, helping make OTR the winner is honestly easier and less time consuming than “lather, rinse, repeat.”

Seriously, you’re supposed to lather for, like, a full minute.  TWICE.

All we have to do is cast our respective votes, one per valid email address, in support of Over-the-Rhine.  So, visit this link, click on “Vote for This Site”, and follow the instructions.  It’ll be one of the most productive and fulfilling things you do all day, I promise. 

Well, unless you pulled a bus full of school kids of a cliff, but we can’t all be Superman.

Did you vote yet?  Well, why not?  Get to it


Oh, and if anyone notices that voted today, that’s perfectly legitimate, I swear*.


*I kid, I kid. I wouldn’t stuff a voting box with dead people.  That’s so Chicago.