Afternoon Announcements

Did your high school have afternoon announcements?  A few words from the principal just before that blessed electric tone or the jubilant sounding of bells to signal the end of one more day of educational servitude?  Those announcements were blissfully anticipated (the end of day is nigh!), excruciatingly long (OH. MY. GAWD. Just finish so we can GO!), and incidentally, largely ignored (Who cares what he said? the bell rang! the bell rang! the bell rang!).

Well, this Friday afternoon post, then, can be considered your pre-weekend afternoon announcements.  As soon as I finish droning on, I encourage you to let the Wild Rumpus begin.  Save me a bar stool.

doggie3 Item #1: We have a new member of the family at la casa de Puddin.  No, no, no, not more kids.  I’m cool with four of those at the moment, thank you very much.  I’m not planning on opening a Dugger-style family cafeteria any time soon.  No, what I mean is that the little cutie pictured here has won our hearts.  We’ve been looking for the right dog for quite some time, but with a life as complicated la Familia Puddin can occasionally be, we needed a pretty low maintenance kind of gal.  And yes, getting a lady dog was important.  The poor Puddinette and Princess Puddinette have myself and three boys to contend with already; a pooch that hikes his leg was not part of the plan.

She’s been with us about two weeks, and seems to be everything we ever wanted in a pet.  She’s laid back, likes to play when the kids want to play, likes to lay around when they don’t, and generally has an disposition even sweeter than mine—I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  Her only fault so far is that she always wants to snuggle up with us on the furniture, and dog hair on the couch is Bad Idea.  But she’s learned the rules quickly and frankly, if the issue is that she likes to be with us, I’m pretty OK with that.

They tell us they think she’s a Beagle-Chihuahua mix.  Honestly, not only can I not figure out how the physics of that would work out, she doesn’t really exhibit the behaviors of either breed.  Whatever she is, we’re keeping her.

We’re still working out a name for her, though.  Can’t decide if we want to change the name the humane society gave her or not.  Ah, decisions, decisions.

Item #2: Blue Ash Chili, which was the subject of last month’s 3-Way Thursday feature, yesterday announced a food challenge of epic—no, ridiculous, foolhardy, outlandish—proportions: the “No Freakin’ Way”.  Two and half pounds of spaghetti?  An equal portion of chili? Two pounds of cheese?  Egad, I’m almost food drunk just thinking about it.  If anyone ever attempts this thing, please let me know.  I want to be there to see it!

Item #3: The NFL hath returned.  After a somewhat disappointing Reds season, I’m glad to be able to turn my attention to the Beng….oh crap.  And if the situation with the orange-and-black wasn’t bad enough, by itself, my occasional good-will fall back team, the Colts, are probably in trouble too.  So, um, yay for football?  Ugh.  So, anyone got an NHL schedule handy?

Item #4:  I have a surprise in-store for you next week, loyal readers.  Dying to know what it is? Mwuahahahahaha!  I’ll never tell.  Well, except that by “never”, I mean you’ll find out Monday.  And really, it’s not that big a thing, either.  It’s not like I cured cancer or am going to suddenly get paid to do this or something crazy.  But hey, it’ll be fun.  What’s that?  You want a hint?  You promise to eat your veggies and clean your room and even wash behind your ears?  Hmmm…okay.  But just one.  Here it is: I didn’t do it.

Well, I guess that about does it.  At the bell, your teachers will dismiss you to the bus.  Try not to wreck the car and stay away from the MD 20/20.  Oh, and remember to turn in your candy bar money to me on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!