Out to lunch


So, remember that “big surprise” I mentioned on Friday (specifically, it’s item #4)?  Yeah? Well, here you go, the big reveal:  I’m leaving you kids for a week.  For seven whole days and night, you’ll have to live without my charming wit, self-deprecating humor, and nigh-incessant references to Oompa Loompas.  I’ll be back next Monday to pick up where we left off.

What will I be doing with myself?  Well, to be sure, I’m not going on vacation; goodness, I haven’t taken a week-long one of those things since, um, err, let’s just say it’s been a while.  And no, contrary to the image above and the title of this post I won’t be lazying about.  In fact, I’m actually going to be hunkering down for a few days. Remember the draft of that novel I wouldn’t shut up about recently?  I’ve given it a couple of weeks to sort of “cool off”, but the time has come for revising.

In other words, it’s time to make the baby-food-like word sludge that comprises Draft 0 into something with, hopefully, a high gloss shine and a come-hither look.

To that end, I’m putting all my late-night word-making efforts into the editing process rather than splitting my focus between that and post writing.  So, for me, the next seven days will be work, kids, and then revise, revise, revise.

I’m calling this week “Mid-September: The Revisening”.

Now, lest you think I’d abandon you completely for a week with no fun or raindeer games, fear not!  I have lined up guest bloggers to wow and amaze you with writing talents far exceeding my own.  Rumor has it I might have even snagged a professional or two.

I know, right?

In searching out guests to make with the wordy goodness, I decided I was tired of seeing my point of view around here, day in and day out.  I don’t want anyone accusing Puddintopia of being like Fox News.  So, I’ve tried to find people that are sort of, well, anti-Puddin.  I mean, it’s not like they’re against me; you’ll find it’s hard to get one’s arch-nemeses to write guest posts.  What I am getting at is that I’m a middle-aged, male, amateur writer with a love of beer, a house in the suburbs, and a family.  Each guest will theoretically have one or more quality that’s in someway unlike one of my own that I’ve weaved into Puddintopia over the past year and a half.

Please be nice to them.  If you embarrass me or your mother, you’ll be grounded for a week!

So, without further adieu….buhhhhh-bye! 

I’ll catch you all next week.


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