Nine years later, he’s getting older, I’m just getting old.

Believe it or not, today is the Puddinpop’s 9th birthday.  Nine.  One less than 10.  Which means that this time next year, he’ll be in double digits and I’ll have been a parent for a decade.

I’ve haven’t held the same job, driven the same car, or lived in the same house for 10 consecutive years.

Seriously, though, it’s very hard to reconcile that nine entire years have slipped by since the day the Puddinette and I welcomed our first little wrinkled, mewling bundle of pinkishness into the cold, hard world.   We never could have imagined how much our lives would be changed, almost instantly, when our impatient little man popped his warm, watery cocoon, taking it upon himself to decide he was ready.

Quite the forecaster of things to come, by the way.

At any rate, can I get you all to join me in wishing the Puddinpop a happy sports-and-Pokemon-filled birthday?  Yeah?  Great.  So…on three:  1…2….3

*waves hands*

Happy Birthday, Puddinpop!

Now, could I get you to maybe slow down on the growing up a bit?

And stop throwing balls in the house.


One thought on “Nine years later, he’s getting older, I’m just getting old.

  1. Footnote: see Ryan’s wedding proof posted on Facebook by your older brother and accompanying comment by yours truly. We blinked and you went and grew up on us! It happens, but you all have become adults we are proud of and we love you beyond measure. Someday, you will see a wedding pic of your four and say the same thing. God willing, we will be here to look over your shoulder at that picture. Happy #9 first grandchild, we love you!


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