Snow “storm” survival and a bit of a brew-haha

Batten down the hatches kiddos.  After all my whining and complaining yesterday, it looks like Snowmageddon ’12 is upon us and all set to send the greater Cincinnati area into a frenzy of incompetent driving and stockpiling water and toilet paper.

It ain’t winter until you see the local news reporting live by the municipal salt pile.

At any rate, I’ve done nothing in preparation for the coming blizzard that potentially might dump a debilitating inch, maybe two of snow on our collective heads.  Well, almost nothing.  I have, as usual, given some thought to the barest necessities in case we’re all snowed in, by which I mean, beer.  Definitely need to stock up for the weekend.

Speaking of beer, the world of craft brewing got a itself into a bit of a tizzy this week.  Some whiner started a comment thread intentionally to bad mouth "overrated" craft breweries.  One of the industry’s heavyweights weighed and then, well, things got fun.  What’s my take on the whole thing?  Check out this week’s Hoperatives post to find out!

And then go get some eggs. And milk. Maybe some Twizzlers and a box of Goobers.

But seriously, don’t.