When Life gets all, “WHAT?”, give it 10 Reasons

The past few days, I feel like I’ve been constantly try to catch up to that "normal" spot in the schedule of life.  Too many plates in the air, all perilously close to hitting the ground in an impressive symphony of shattered ceramic, and I’m only just barely grabbing them and chucking them back up in time.  Of course, that’s probably pretty apparent since my most recent posts have centered on socks and hockey sticks.

At yet, somehow they didn’t catch fire and circle the interwebs in a tornado of re-linking.

Just how crazy have things been?  Well, yesterday was one of those days where you throw the daily ritual right out the window pretty much first thing in the morning and fly by the seat of your Underoos* (Spider-man, if possible).  And today wasn’t much better, which is to say, I had "lunch" at 4 PM this afternoon and it consisted of a handful of stale pretzels and the remaining third of a dark chocolate bar someone gave me after Christmas.

What?  Oh, come on.  Chocolate never goes bad.

Given, then, that I still haven’t had a solid opportunity to really listen to the Manic Street Preachers, that post will have to continue to wait a few more days.  Instead, I figured after all the hub and the bub buzzing around, this would be a good time for a 10 Reasons Life Doesn’t Suck list.

  1. Lunch might have only been pretzels and dark chocolate, but I really like pretzels and dark chocolate.  Also, it’s awesome that I don’t take all my meals through a straw; solid food rules!
  2. I don’t work for the kind of corrupt, avaricious, evil, spirit-crushing company that would ever expect someone to make lunch a handful of snacks, four-hour late.  I do that sort of thing because I’m a freak who doesn’t like leaving my problems unsolved.
  3. Antiperspirant.  Is it good for my body chemistry?  Hell if I know.  But it keeps me from reeking like a dead fish in the July sun.  Woot!  Trust me, you prefer it that way too.
  4. Writing.  At the end of such a span of days, it’s damn nice to be able to sit back and  unwind by spitting out a few hundreds words about nothing important (see #3).
  5. All the kids are in bed, fast asleep.  And it didn’t take either a three-ring circus or a S.W.A.T Team to get them there.
  6. Tonight’s lavish dinner of ham, greens beans, and potatoes.  Yeah, I know it sounds simple, but sometimes simple is best.  Especially when lunch consisted of well, you know.
  7. I no longer have that damned Red Solo Cup song stuck in my head.  I mean, it’s cute and fun and all, once or twice, but I’ve heard it 856 times in the last 72 hours (well, it sure seems like it).
  8. Let’s have a party.  Prooooo-ceed to party.  (DAMMIT!)
  9. Inspiring, in-your-face-rubbing-it-in-that-I’m-here-and-you’re-not vacation photos from coworkers.  Oh, wait, that’s right, nobody likes those.  And people who post such shots to social media while on their trip should be shunned by society.  Oh, now, I’m just kidding (mostly).  Deep down, it is nice to know when your friends are off enjoying themselves.  And yes, by the way, the gorgeous mountain shot above is just such a photo.
  10. A nice frosty glass filled with a malty beverage, a blu-ray player, and a new disc – things that together can erase quite the quantity of "Life be Whack".  Like, from the past couple of days.

Which is exactly what I’m going to go do right now.

I recommend you act accordingly.


*Yes, spell-checker, that is too a word!