What do I think of the new Moerlein Lager House? Glad you asked!

If you live in or around Cincinnati, OH, unless you’re living under a rock or in a cavernous subterranean shelter stocked with enough canned food, water, comics, and beer to survive until Armageddon—aka, Election Night 2012—is over, you’re probably aware that the Moerlein Lager House opened last week.  To say the place has had a busy first week is potentially the understatement of the year, and there’s been no shortage of glowing reviews in just about every possible form of media available. 

Of course, that’s all well and good, but what do I think?  We’ll, I won’t lie: I’ve been frothing at the mouth for the place to open ever since it was announced.  And even though I didn’t manage to be the first in line as I’d hoped, I did get to squeeze in an hour or so on a barstool late last week.  You can read my 2 cents-worth on the city’s brand new jewel on the riverfront in my latest Hoperatives post, which is conveniently available right this second.

So why are you still here?