A Mother’s Day Poem for the Puddinette

Every morning she wakes them, to groans and denials
Packs healthy lunches and sends them off with smiles

She works through the day, makes their home clean and neat
Guides them through homework, and cooks dinners to eat

She laughs at little jokes, plays games that don’t stop
Run to practice and scouts, ’til she feels like she’ll drop

Never a complaint, or a word of despair
She sees to their needs, their every last care

She soothes tender feelings, breaks up small fights,
Makes sure they’re all happy, and kisses them goodnight

Four little birdlings fill up her nest,
The mother bird toils, never time enough to rest.

Four little birdlings fill up her nest,
And for four tiny lives, she’s quite simply, the best.


Happy Mother’s Day to the Puddinette and all the mother’s out there that work so hard to make our lives seem easy.


3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Poem for the Puddinette

  1. Love, love, love this, too!! Your kids are too young to understand yet that she is worth every one of those pearls, but we know she is, and eventually they’ll get it too! All of us who have had a mother eventually do!!


    1. Thanks for the awesome comment. I’ll never be Poet Laureate, but it’s fun to make a point while making my wife smile (and hopefully a few others too!). 🙂


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