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A Very Special Pair of Spaghetti-Os

It probably isn’t obvious that these socks are special. I mean, to be honest, I’ve referred to these as the Spaghetti-O socks since the Puddinette brought them home. Because to me, just like any kid of Generation X, orange rings the rough color of cheese/tomato sauce just sing Franco-American. But these socks, unlike the 182 […]

This One’s For All You Mothers Out There

Being Mother’s Day here in the United States, I thought I should take a day off from Project Bathrobe to be extra nice to the Puddinette. After all, she is the person largely responsible for making sure my children aren’t living lives of filthy squalor punctuated with too much bean soup and not enough bed-making […]

Fourteen Years Later

She was folding my shirts all wrong. Instead of folding both sleeves back and then folding the shirt in half at the torso, she halved the thing longways like folding a paper airplane.  And it wasn’t just my shirts, either. She folded my pants all wacky, too, not along the creases in the legs.  Hell, […]

The Puddinette Got A Year Older Today And All I Gave Her Was A Crummy Lunch Sack

On this day, exactly mumblecough* years ago, the heavens opened wide, and in a breathtaking expanse of starlight and trumpets, my wife was born unto this Earth. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how it happened. My research departments suggests there was actually a hospital involved.  And doctors. And some nurses or whatever. Nervous-excited expectant […]

Well, THAT was easy!

Yes, I do now have a bag of the previously mentioned and much desired Dark Chocolate Peanut M & M’s.  They’re allllll mine, and you can’t have any. I mean, you could, I’d totally share, but at the moment none of you are here. So, you know, kinda makes it hard.  Maybe stop by next […]

A Mother’s Day Poem for the Puddinette

Every morning she wakes them, to groans and denialsPacks healthy lunches and sends them off with smiles She works through the day, makes their home clean and neatGuides them through homework, and cooks dinners to eat She laughs at little jokes, plays games that don’t stopRun to practice and scouts, ’til she feels like she’ll […]